Bali-Ijen-Sukamade-Kalibaru-Bromo-Surabaya 5D/4N

PACKAGE TOUR  : Ijen Sukamade Bromo Package (Private tour)

DURATION            : 5 Days 4 Nights

ACTIVITY               : Adventure, Trekking, Sightseeing

START PRICE        : IDR 3.950K/person


Day 1. Bali – Ijen Crater Area

Day 2. Ijen Crater Trekking – Sukamade (B)

           Option tour:  Blue fire tour we will start from hotel @ midnight around 01.00AM.

           Option tour : Visit Red Island/Pulau Merah Beach – Teluk Ijo/Green Bay

Day 3. Sukamade – Kalibaru (B)

Day 4. Kalibaru – Mount Bromo area (B)

Day 5. Bromo Sunrise Tour – Surabaya (B)

Tour Package Includes :

Tour Package Excludes :


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