CfE Forward-looking Higher Math

CfE Advance Higher Math

The Advance Higher Class extends learners’ numerical cognition in algebra, geometry and tophus. It includes matrix algebra, composite numbers and vectors and formalises the conception of numerical substantiation.

Ripe Higher Math emphasises the pauperism for candidates to attempt prolonged mentation and deciding, to clear problems and mix numerical noesis. The class offers candidates, in an interesting and pleasurable way, an enhanced knowingness of the ambit and exponent of maths.

Entering to the grade

This is at the delicacy of the civilize, but you would usually be expected to sustain attained a fling in the Higher Math Test.

Trend Adumbrate

Specialization 1 Compact

Part Euclidean Algorithm Drumhead

Matrices Gaussian Excretion

Matrices and Gaussian Excreting Sum-up

Venerable #8211; October

Binominal Theorem Drumhead

Distinction 2 Sum-up

Distinction Problems in Setting

Specialization in Circumstance Sum-up

Vectors Compact

October #8211; December

AH Whole 1 Appraisal

Overtone Fractions Sum-up

Desegregation Compact

Composite Numbers Sum-up

Derivative Equations Succinct

January #8211; Borderland

AH Whole 2 Appraisal

Arithmetical Geometrical Sequences

Sequences Serial Sum-up

Proofs Succinct

MacLaurin Serial Drumhead

AH Whole 3 Appraisal

Formulae Name


To advance the boilersuit awarding students moldiness walk an asessment at the end of apiece whole likewise as an international appraisal.

The SQA outside test is a 3 minute wallpaper, a estimator may be secondhand in the examination.

In January pupils volition sit a preliminary test that coveres units 1 2. Pupils leave too sit a top-up preliminary preliminary in Arpil, this volition blanket a compass buy research papers online reviews of topics from units 1, 2 3.

Path Succinct

Detent on the tie for a total grade compendious.

By Document Grading Instructions

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